Lentes Evalo

by Kippi's Ghost

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Eleanor Buffam- viola, vocals, paintbrush

Joe Lotito- guitars, vocals, bass, tambourine, rays of sunshine


released July 19, 2014

Kippi"s Ghost performed and recorded this album in an archway under a train bridge in East London in the Spring of 2014.

Mick Mullin mastered the recording at Super 8 Studios in the beautiful countryside outside Philadelphia,PA.

Using Super Specialized, Ultra Hi-Tech equipment for photographing
evolutionary phenomena, Robert Attard captured the image of Kippi's Ghost experiencing, first hand, the mind-opening power of Lentes Evalo by a train bridge in Spitalfields Park, East London.

Thanks to everyone.



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Kippi's Ghost London, UK

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Track Name: Number Two
"Number Two"

as I wandered through the aisles
passing jars and jars of pickles
trying hard to make you smile
trading all my dimes for nickels
there's a secret deep inside
trying hard to gain the light
and my thoughts are
deep and wide
and my eyes are
shut closed tight
Track Name: Cut it Up
"Cut it up"

Beaten down by Manifest Destiny
Old Time Bigotry
insulated from other's pain and all diversity
oh, everyone's a loser in this game of divide and conquer
Nations (Races) are illusions
So how can you tell me the only way is to cut it up?
No one can own the Earth
so no one can be illegal
Building walls for Liberty imprisons everyone
the sand is soaked with the Worker's blood
your hands……..
Track Name: Little Red Songbook
"Little Red Songbook"

There's nothing left to go back to
No noble past to resuscitate, no
All that we are is through slaughter
All that we know has been built on blood
Will it get through,
this ugly truth,
that we are not the good guys
It's going to take more than voting
we have to break this idea of Nation
dividing lines cut through people's lives
when we unite we can bring them all down
Now is the time!
Track Name: Worn Out Soul
"Worn Out Soul"

these working shoes are all I see
worn out hole in my soul
drowning in this downward stare
feeling full of rain inside
the light of youth is dead in me
waking up is hard today
and I just can't afford to care
the stench of dirty hours; broken, worn-out soul
and day by day they plod away through schedule and control

the hands of time are choking me
cold,dead fingers around my neck
the sweat bleeds out my time-card brain
I work so hard to get away
run and run to where they're not
but money makes us all it's slave
seven days a week or more living in a hole and day by day they plod away
through schedule and control
Track Name: Lentes Evalo
"Lentes Evalo"

Here we are,
and fallen
far too far
to remember what we are

Lentes Evalo

No labels
No cages
No hate for you and me

All pieces

Lentes Evalo
Track Name: Ten Penny Epic
"Ten-Penny Epic"

Follow certain signs
wander broken paths
see under skin what lies inside

Fall over hills
far and away
see through the clouds what lies inside
Track Name: Mushroom Clouds
"Mushroom Clouds"

Her Cold War lullaby of mushroom clouds due any day now
cry, cry baby, cry
They reached into your mind and made real every fear before you
cry,cry baby,cry
Everything kills something else in order to survive
Murder is the Unity of all that is alive,
so die baby, die
Afraid of Endless Night, we throw ourselves on to the pyre
cry, cry baby, cry
there's nothing after death, for all that dies is this damned Ego
cry, cry baby, cry
scream into Oblivion, the Void wins again
the last sound that you'll ever hear a repeating din
no Salvation, no Sin,
just the end….